Maternity Benefits III

Maternity benefits in situations when a mother becomes pregnant for the second time, considers earning additional money, or when the family faces illness.

Tax calendar for December

For most taxpayers, the tax period is the calendar year, and therefore this is the last month for posting all transactions or processing them for carry forward.

Maternity leave compensation II

In our previous article, we, along with the Czech Social Security Administration (CSSA), focused on basic information about maternity benefits (MBs).

We are nominated - Eurobuild Awards

In anticipation of the todays Eurobuild Gala, we are delighted to share that ASB Group is nominated in Tax & Financial Consultancy of the Year categorie for the Eurobuild CEE Awards.

ASB Group joins Solární Asociace

We're thrilled to announce that ASB Group has recently become a proud member of Solární Asociace, the leading professional association in the Czech Republic dedicated to the solar energy and photovoltaics industry.