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Extension of Antivirus A until the end of this year

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MSLA) has issued a statement on Antivirus. On Tuesday, October 14, 2020, the government approved the extension of Antivirus A until the end of this year. Companies closed by the government order will now be entitled to 100% wage compensation. In the case of quarantine, the state contribution remains at 80% of wage compensation.

General Anti-Abusive Regulations in Poland

General Anti-Abusive Regulations (GAAR) were introduced in Poland as of 15 July 2016. However, for the first 3 years, they were scarcely used. This has however changed. In the press publications of 16 October 2020, the Ministry of Finance informs that he has just finished 20 tax proceedings which resulted in PLN 500M of additional taxable income assessed at the side of 12 taxpayers.

Deferral of tax obligations in the state of emergency

In connection with the declared state of emergency, the Ministry of Finance announced that businesses can defer their tax obligations, provided that more than half of their income comes from government-prohibited or restricted activities.

The co-financing of employees' salaries

We would like to inform you that the deadline for submitting applications for the co-financing of employees' salaries from the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund (GEBF) has been extended. The applications may be submitted until the 30th day after the date of the cancellation of the epidemic status. This change was introduced by “Anti-Crisis Shield 5.0” and is effective from 24 September 2020.

The tax-deductible cost of revenues for authors

According to the recently published general ruling of the Minister of Finance, tax deductible costs connected with use of copyright by authors and performers of related rights amount to 50% of revenue. These costs are calculated on income reduced by social security contributions.

Robotization relief in Poland

The Ministry of Finance plans to introduce tax relief for robotization and automation as of the second quarter of next year, at the latest in mid-2021. However, we are still waiting for a draft bill introducing this new solution.

ASB is implementing DOCU-X at selected clients

Digitalization and automation play significant roles in the tech-saturated world nowadays. ASB works on enhancing quality of services provided and constantly searches and uses an advanced technology to considerably simplify interaction as well as client processes.