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Expanding in Central & Eastern Europe

When looking for locations to set up business up in or expand an existing business into, or considering the direct investment, CEE is an attractive destination for business opportunities within Europe.

Simple joint-stock company

Please note that as of 1 July 2021 a new type of company was introduced into the Polish legal system - a simple joint-stock company (SJSC).

Changes of the Polish New Deal may affect TP

On the website of the Ministry of Finance (MF) has been published another package of legislative proposals in connection with the announced Polish New Deal. This time, the proposals of the MF will concern transfer pricing. In principle, the aim of the proposed changes is to make it easier for taxpayers to meet their transfer pricing obligations. However, among the announced changes the MF also proposes solutions that in their present form may potentially broaden the scope of TP obligations.

Repatriation Program

The Ministry of Finance presented details of the so-called Repatriation Program, which aims at (i) encouraging Polish citizens to return to Poland and (ii) creating favorable conditions for investments and family business in Poland.

Holiday relief

With the holidays approaching, clients' inquiries related to the release of employees as coaches for children's camps and sports camps are increasing.