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ASB Poland awarded with ACCA accreditation

We are pleased to announce that ASB Poland has been accredited by ACCA once again. It means, that we were awarded ACCA Approved Employer: Trainee Development – Gold and ACCA Approved Employer – Professional Development.

Income tax deductions only for payments made to registered bank accounts

On 24 May 2019 the President signed amendments to the CIT, PIT and VAT Acts modifying the rules relating to the register of VAT taxpayers, or the so-called “white list” of taxpayers. These amendments mean that the Ministry of Finance will update the register daily and include information on taxpayers’ bank accounts opened in connection with their business activity.

Obligatory VAT split payment planned from September 2019

The Ministry of Finance has prepared draft amendments to the VAT Act that will introduce the obligatory split payment for selected goods and services. The obligatory split payment will replace the obligatory reverse charge mechanism used in current regulations.

Poland: ECJ judgement defines the VAT tax point for construction works

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the tax point for VAT may be defined as the moment of formal acceptance of work performed under a construction contract. In its judgement of 2 May 2019 (C-224/18) the court stated that the tax point may arise at the time of formal acceptance of the work stipulated in the contract.

Poland: WHaT`s new with withholding tax "pay-and-refund regime"

As of July 2019 the new “pay-and-refund regime” for withholding tax takes effect. The new regulations will cause additional tax obligations for many taxpayers, who make larger payments of dividends, interest, royalties or fees for intangible services to foreign recipients. Larger payments are generally payments which, in total, exceed PLN 2 million to the same recipient in the year.