Complex outsourcing of your busines processes

In ASB we have one objective, to provide ideal solutions tailored to your needs. We want to help you grow and we are constantly looking for opportunities for your business. Our balanced team of accountants, payroll specialists and tax advisors is able to deliver in-depth advice and comprehensive assistance, starting with the selection of the right ownership structure and forms of running the business, effective financing, safe investment and optimal exit strategy, as well as the best way of distributing profits. We help our clients to defend their position during all kinds of tax proceedings.

  • Accounting and reporting

    We are experienced in the delivery of outsourced accounting services for international and local businesses. We use modern IT solutions, but, on request, can also work in our clients' accounting software. We can help to localise software and procedures to ensure compliance with domestic tax and accounting regulations. Our professionals regularly submit financial reports for hundreds of international and local clients. We speak to our clients' financial teams across the globe daily.

    • Accounting advisory
    • Outsourced bookkeeping in compliance with local regulations
    • Accounting according to IFRS, US GAAP and the client's internal reporting standards
    • Management reporting
    • Consolidation accounting
    • Local tax compliance
    • The localisation of the client's accounting systems for tax and accounting purposes
    • Preparation of financial statements
  • Corporate services

    We have helped hundreds of international companies to set-up their businesses in the countries in which we operate. Company formation is one of many corporate services our clients require to cut costs, ensure compliance with local regulations, and free-up time to focus on their core business activities.

    This enables our clients to go for the expense of employing local administrative admin staff, as we take care of the back office and corporate secretarial processes for them.

    • Company formation
    • Shelf companies
    • Corporate secretarial services
    • Local banking arrangements and cash management
    • Corporate compliance
    • Administrative services
    • Nominee services
    • Provision of registered office and related services
    • Maintenance of company records and registers
    • Company liquidation
  • Tax advisory

    At ASB we understand that tax and accounting law is interlinked. To safeguard our clients´ interests, we advise taking account of all tax and accounting aspects.

    We have extensive experience advising both private individuals and multinational businesses on tax matters, and we cooperate with partner tax firms in countries where ASB does not have offices.

    • Tax planning and ongoing tax advisory
    • Applications for binding interpretations
    • Tax audits
    • Tax workshops for clients
    • International tax law
    • Support with cross-border tax issues and transactions
  • Tax compliance

    ASB TAX Compliance team has rich experience in providing our clients with high standards of customer services. We are always ready to ensure the most optimal solutions for ASB clients from different business sectors.

    • VAT compliance
    • Fiscal representation
    • CIT compliance
    • Specific tax projects
    • Dealing with tax authorities
  • Payroll and HR administration

    Our payroll clients range from small representative offices through to global multinationals, for whom we process thousands of payslips monthly.

    Working with international clients has taught us to use simple language to explain local payroll issues. We have practical experience in importing payroll data from various HR systems and exporting payroll outputs to many customised formats.

    • Comprehensive payroll calculations
    • Gross to net reports
    • Electronic payslip delivery
    • Social security contributions
    • Tax and social security audit support
    • HR administration
    • Management of employee benefits
    • Online employee self-service platforms
    • Provision of tailored reports
  • Transaction advisory

    ASB has supported many major transactions in our region, on both the buy and the sell side. Our transaction advisory professionals have advised on real estate transactions, mergers and takeovers of local companies, and cross-border investments in local businesses.

    We have performed financial and tax due diligence projects for many transaction advisory clients. However, our experience goes beyond the due diligence process, as we often support transaction negotiations and advise clients on purchase price calculations.

    • Financial due diligence
    • Tax due diligence
    • Purchase price mechanism advisory
    • Review of share purchase agreements
  • Transfer pricing

    Our transfer pricing clients can access to our benchmarking studies, which we have compilated by using the latest technology and several specialised benchmarking databases.

    We have advised global hotel chains, international airlines, FMCG companies, and many other international groups with their transfer pricing documentation.

    • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation following OECD Guidelines
    • Benchmarking studies to support transfer pricing policies
    • Advising a transfer pricing policies
    • Modifying existing transfer pricing to policies to comply with legal changes
    • Advanced Pricing Arrangements advisory and negotiations
    • Litigation assistance concerning transfer pricing disputes

Diversity is our value.

The depth of experience of our team members means that over the years our specialists have supported enterprises operating in many industry sectors. Our key areas of specialisation fall into six industry sectors: real estate, retail, chemicals, technology, private equity and life sciences.

  • Real Estate

    Investment volumes in the real estate market in Central and Eastern Europe are expected to grow and the real estate sector calls for flexibility and a multi-dimensional perspective. We understand the real estate sector and our dedicated real estate teams speak the industry language. This enables to us assist our clients from the initial stages of investment until they exit. The majority of our clients are large asset managers, institutional investors, and key real estate specialists operating across Central and Eastern Europe.

    Visit our website dedicated to real estate investors.

  • Retail

    The retail sector has been influenced by the Internet and the growing popularity of mobile technologies and social media. Competition and responsiveness to customers’ needs are huge challenges to retail businesses. We take care of our client's accounting and administration, so that they can fully focus on adopting to the changing environment.

  • Chemicals

    Chemical industry products are present in all aspects of our lives. This industry supports many other sectors, such as FMCG, automotive, agricultural, and is very complex. ASB's sector experience provides our modern and cost-effective solutions.

  • Technology

    In our fast-developing world, technology is an increasingly integral part of our life. In this sector, companies are expanding their businesses into new markets, which results in then having to face new tax and legal challenges. ASB has implemented unique solutions aligned with the needs of our clients, so we are able to provide optimal support.

  • Private equity

    The CEE private equity market continues to growth. Companies financed via private equity investments spread their wings quickly and stimulate the economy. We cooperate with investors in the private equity and venture capital area, and our dedicated transaction team has a strong track record in assisting clients in various acquisitions and divestitures. We understand the mechanisms affecting the investment sector and successfully support to achieve their investment goals.

  • Life sciences

    Ageing and growing populations have resulted in significant increases in health care spending worldwide. Technological changes are fast and the demand for life sciences products is increasing. We assist our life sciences clients with their tax, accounting, and payroll compliance, helping these companies to grow often at a fast pace.

At ASB our clients' needs always come first.

"The Polish Deal" lowered the limit for cash payments

In the act dated on October 29, 2021, signed by the Polish President on November 15, 2021, amending the act on personal income tax, the act on corporate income tax, and some other acts, the so-called "The Polish Deal" was made also an amendment to the regulations of the Entrepreneurs' Law, which cover a new limit on cash transactions, applied from 2022.

Joint VAT liability

In its recent judgment, the Supreme Administrative Court made a decision on joining value-added tax liability, when a customer made a payment on the supplier’s bank account that has not been published by the tax administrator in the public register.