Diversity is our value.

The depth of experience of our team members means that over the years our specialists have supported enterprises operating in many industry sectors. Our key areas of specialisation fall into six industry sectors: real estate, retail, chemicals, technology, private equity and life sciences.

  • Real Estate

    Investment volumes in the real estate market in Central and Eastern Europe are expected to grow and the real estate sector calls for flexibility and a multi-dimensional perspective. We understand the real estate sector and our dedicated real estate teams speak the industry language. This enables to us assist our clients from the initial stages of investment until they exit. The majority of our clients are large asset managers, institutional investors, and key real estate specialists operating across Central and Eastern Europe.

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  • Retail

    The retail sector has been influenced by the Internet and the growing popularity of mobile technologies and social media. Competition and responsiveness to customers’ needs are huge challenges to retail businesses. We take care of our client's accounting and administration, so that they can fully focus on adopting to the changing environment.

  • Chemicals

    Chemical industry products are present in all aspects of our lives. This industry supports many other sectors, such as FMCG, automotive, agricultural, and is very complex. ASB's sector experience provides our modern and cost-effective solutions.

  • Technology

    In our fast-developing world, technology is an increasingly integral part of our life. In this sector, companies are expanding their businesses into new markets, which results in then having to face new tax and legal challenges. ASB has implemented unique solutions aligned with the needs of our clients, so we are able to provide optimal support.

  • Private equity

    The CEE private equity market continues to growth. Companies financed via private equity investments spread their wings quickly and stimulate the economy. We cooperate with investors in the private equity and venture capital area, and our dedicated transaction team has a strong track record in assisting clients in various acquisitions and divestitures. We understand the mechanisms affecting the investment sector and successfully support to achieve their investment goals.

  • Life sciences

    Ageing and growing populations have resulted in significant increases in health care spending worldwide. Technological changes are fast and the demand for life sciences products is increasing. We assist our life sciences clients with their tax, accounting, and payroll compliance, helping these companies to grow often at a fast pace.

At ASB our clients' needs always come first.

Social Benefits Reform Currently in Preparation

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí – MPSV) is currently working on the most significant reform of the social benefits system in the last 30 years. The aim of the reform is to considerably simplify the current system, which includes several identically or similarly focused state social security benefits (dávky státní sociální podpory) and assistance in material need benefits (pomoc v hmotné nouzi). The reform is also supposed to prevent misuse of benefits by individuals in a favorable financial situation. When could the reform be expected?

Double recognition

We are delighted to announce that once again, we have been recognized in the prestigious Forbes Diamonds ranking - 2024 edition, conducted by Forbes Polska magazine.