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Changes in the amendment to the Labour Code

An amendment to the Labour Code will enter into force on 30 July 2020 and 1 January 2021, respectively. The aim of the amendment is to simplify the implementation of the rights of the employer and employee in the performance of work, as well as to simplify the performance of the work itself and to support communication between the contracting parties. The amendment to the Labour Code reflects a number of practical problems and regulates a number of important institutes.

CIT and PIT improvement

Limited partnerships are to become CIT taxpayers. This means that automatic compensation of income of one limited partnership with the loss incurred by another one at the level of partners of these entities will no longer be possible. Such structures will not be tax-effective anymore. This is the moment to consider other possibilities, to include the so-called Estonian CIT regime to be implemented as of 2021. And possibly Alternative Investments Funds in other cases. Other changes are the following: