Types of absences related to the coronavirus epidemic

March 20, 2020 Czech Republic

In connection with the Czech government directive, we would like to inform you about possible absences applicable for employees.

Family member care (OCR)

  • Applicable while taking care of a child under 10 years of age who can´t attend the school, kinder garden due to quarantine. This is newly applicable to parents of children under 13 years of age and entrepreneurs.
  • In this case, the entitlement to the nursing allowance is applicable to the prescribed application form of the nursing allowance for the caretaking of a child under 10 years due to the closure of the attended facility. Parents do not have to come to the facility personally to apply for the nursing home, the document serves as an excuse from work.
  • For the collection of this benefit, the parent then prints out the form, fills in all necessary information, signs and hands it over to the employer. All you have to do is take a picture (scan) and send it to the employer by email.
  • The employer shall forward such application together with other documents to the respective social security administration either by means of a data box or by email with an electronic signature.
  • The maximum number of sick days is 9 calendar days. The only exception is when the parent is a single parent who can receive nursing care for up to 16 calendar days. Now considered for the duration of the quarantine.

Closure of the employer's establishment

  • Due to the interruption of work for obstacles on the employer´s side other than those specified in § 207 (weather or natural events), the employee is entitled to compensation of wages or salaries equal to the average earnings.

Quarantine Regulation

  • Closure of operations due to quarantine orders - Quarantine can only be ordered by the Regional Hygiene Station (Section 82 (2) (l) of Act No. 258/2000 Coll.), Or by a health service provider who detects the occurrence or suspicion of an infectious disease (§67 of Act No. 258/2000 Coll.).
  • During a quarantine order, an agreement between the employee and the employer is possible whereby the employee can perform work from a place other than the employer's workplace. In the case of such an agreement, the employee is entitled to a wage/salary for the work performed but is not entitled to the payment of wage/salary compensation under § 192 of the Labor Code which he would otherwise have received during the quarantine order.
  • The employer may also order the employee to holiday during quarantine; the employer is obliged to notify the employee in writing 14 days in advance (§217 paragraph 1 of the Labor Code). However, the employee and the employer may agree to take leave during the quarantine. In such a case, the employee may take leave without notice to the employer on the 14th day in advance. In the event that an employee began to take leave before he was ordered to quarantine, the quarantine order shall not interrupt the leave (§219 (1) of the Labor Code).

Other provisions will be governed by a government directive. For more detailed information visit the website of the Government of the Czech Republic (www.vlada.cz) or the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (www.mpsv.cz).

Klára Cowan
Head of Payroll
ASB Czech Republic
E: kcowan@asbgroup.eu