Useful information for employers concerning e-Submission in the Czech Republic

Jan. 10, 2020 Czech Republic

We would like to inform you about changes which arose by e-Submissions coming into force in the Czech Republic in January 2020. Please note that the information below is for PN (incapacitation to work) only, paternity, maternity or family member care remain processed as ever.

The Employer will be able to use the following ways to determine the temporary incapacity of his Employee:

  1. Data to Employers on Temporary Incapacity for Work
    This is a new type of e-Submission. The service will enable automated communication of the Employer's payroll or personnel software with the Czech Social Security Administration (hereinafter referred to as the “CSSA”), and the information will, therefore, be sent directly to the software used by the Employer. The submission is sent via the already existing and used APEP (VREP) interface of the CSSA or the data mailbox information system.

It is necessary to state the Employer's variable symbol in the submission, the time interval (max. 31 days) in which notifications for Employers were created at the CSSA and the encryption certificate (public part), which will encrypt the answer. The following information shall be provided:

  • notification of the occurrence of temporary incapacity for work (hereinafter referred to as “DPN”),
  • DPN duration notification,
  • DPN termination notification.

  1. Automatic sending of notifications with information about employees' DPN
    Data on the origin of each DPN are sent twice - immediately as soon as the physician sends the eSicket to the CSSA system and after processing the eSicket sent to the CSSA. Data shall be provided:
  • development of DPN (immediately after sending the eSicket by a doctor),
  • development of DPN (after verification of data sent by a doctor),
  • information on the duration of DPN (after e-filing of the doctor at the DSSA),
  • information about termination of DPN (after e-filing of the doctor at the DSSA).

Notifications will be sent to specified data boxes or to specified e-mail addresses that the Employer states in their request to receive notifications. Notifications sent to the e-mail box will only contain a general notice that new information is available to Employers through ePortal services.

  1. Information service on the CSSA ePortal on DPN employees
    This is a preview placed on the CSSA ePortal for registered entities. Provides data:
  • DPN decision number;
  • DPN from,
  • confirmation of DPN duration k,
  • DPN to,
  • information about the attending physician,
  • walks (since when, time interval (s)) - display in the first 14 days of DPN duration
  • address at DPN time - Display in the first 14 days of DPN duration
  • suspected work injury (YES/NO),
  • suspected injury caused by another person (YES/NO),
  • suspected alcohol ingestion or abuse of narcotic or psychotropic substances (YES/NO).

All of these methods can be used simultaneously, or they can be combined at will. The Employer can use these methods first and foremost if he/she processes Payroll.

They must log in to the CSSA ePortal to use the services. Logging in is standard:

  • either with the employer login data box,
  • or by means of the National Identification Authority (hereinafter referred to as “NIA”) - user account name/password/SMS, resp. e-Citizen, if the employer is a natural person).

It may also use its service or interactive form to authorize its particular Employee to use the relevant CSSA eService or to send notifications to one or more data boxes or e-mail addresses. The authorized Employee must have his/her own login means (NIA - user account name / password / SMS, data box, or e-Citizen) to use the ePortal services.

These methods will also be used by external consultants (accounting firms, tax advisors, payroll specialists, etc.) that process the payroll agenda for Employers. The Employer must authorize them to use the services of the CSSA ePortal with the help of the CSSA ePortal services or interactive forms.

Authorized physical persons can then access the services by means of login data to their data box or by means of the NIA. The services of the CSSA ePortal may be used by another entity solely for a physical person, not a legal entity, therefore the legal entity also requires authorization for the physical person who will act on its behalf.

Since you have already authorized an external consultant to send forms or use services for Employers, the credentials (power of attorney) must be registered with the relevant DSSA and then the credentials are fully functional.

Payroll Team of ASB Czech Republic

Klára Cowan
Payroll Manager
T: +420 224 931 239