Tax information box

Oct. 28, 2021 Czech Republic

In the continuation of our series on the digitization of state administration, we will now remain in the area of the online Tax office and look at the issue of the tax information box plus (DIS+).

DIS+ replaces the original tax information box, which will be operational until 28.2.2022. However, it is not just a question of compensation, but also of simplifying work and expanding possibilities.

Simplification comes at the very moment of setting up and logging in to DIS+. It is no longer necessary to fill in and send the form for creating access as for the old DIS, now you just need to log in through the „MOJE daně“ portal. You can log in again using the „eIdentita“ service (using the eGovernment mobile key, eCitizenship, NIA, I. CA, my ID, bank identities, etc.), so no additional login details are needed (but it is still possible to log in via the data assigned by the Tax office) .

The main function of DIS+ is, as with the old DIS, the ability to view your personal tax account. It is thus possible to obtain information on the total overpayment or underpayment on your taxes, at the same time it is easy to monitor movements on the accounts of individual taxes. You can also get a clear overview of all documents from the Tax office, such as, for example, sent tax returns, but also payment assessments for tacit tax assessment.

DIS+ then, of course, offers an extension to these basic services. In the area of ​​simplification, we would clearly include the possibility of granting access and setting the authorization to DIS+ to anyone directly from the application without the need to issue a power of attorney and send it and process it by the Tax office. Another interesting novelty that can make the pitfalls of the entire tax period a little easier are the notifications and the personal tax calendar, mainly due to the possibility of reminding you of the upcoming tax deadlines.

The emerging philosophy of simplifying communication with authorities and making as many actions as possible available from one place without a doubt is reflected in the connection of DIS+ with electronic forms, so these forms can now be filled in, saved, edited and sent to the tax administrator in the DIS+ environment.

As a result, the new DIS+ represents another step towards more pleasant and easier communication between citizens and the authorities. Of course, there is still room for further improvement, but in our opinion the direction is right.

Jan Sedlář
Jan Sedlář Corporate Services Manager