Tax calendar for June

June 3, 2021 Czech Republic

When to pay VAT, income tax, or other tax and insurance payments? We bring you tax deadlines for June.

For all taxpayers who are not represented by a tax adviser or who do not have a statutory audit but submit their personal (corporate) income tax return electronically, the first day of this month was probably the most important deadline in June. It follows from the fact that such taxpayers should submit their personal (corporate) income tax return without any sanctions only by 1st June. The deadline was supposed to be by 3rd May, however, it was extended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Other important dates in June 2021 are:

9.6. – Excise duty due date, excluding excise duty on ethyl alcohol, for April 2021
14.6. – Deadline for submission of paper Intrastat declarations
– The quarterly or half-yearly due date of income tax advance payment
– Deadline for submission of Intrastat declarations in electronic form
21.6. – Deadline for the flat-rate advance payment from personal income tax
– Advance payment on personal income tax (paid by employers on behalf of employees only)
– Excise duty due date on ethyl alcohol for April 2021
25.6. – Tax due date and the deadline for submission of value-added tax return, control report, and EC sales List for May 2021
25.6. – Deadline for tax return submission and tax due date on gas, solid fuels, and electricity for May 2021
25.6. - Deadline for tax return submission for May 2021 on mineral oils, ethyl alcohol, beer, wine, and intermediate products, and raw tobacco
30.6. – Withholding tax due date at the special rate of tax for May 2021
30.6. - Notification of CRS (GATCA) and FATCA (International Automatic Information Exchange System)