Aug. 27, 2021 Czech Republic

It has been almost 5 years since Všeobecná Zdravotní Pojišťovna launched its Moje VZP (My VZP) portal for the insured (now followed by a mobile app).

If you register, you can check on your health insurance payments going back ten years; check at any time if you have arrears on your premiums, or go through the history of premium payers. You also have an overview of reported care, where you can see what care and what cost your doctor reported to the insurance company. However, My VZP is also used to communicate with us, so you can report any changes or the loss of your card to the insurance company, submit the summary for the self-employed person, or apply for a contribution without having to go to a branch office. Register your whole family in the My VZP app, for example, and then check the data for all its members from a single account.

Care provided can be searched by type; up to 350 areas of expertise are divided into 53 key groups for clarity. Details can be opened for each entry, such as the name of the doctor, the name of the hospital, the names of the medicines with a click on the package leaflet. The list can be sorted by visit date or by the name of the medical facility. An app is being planned to warn the insured that his/her vaccination has expired or that he/she has not been for a routine check-up for some time.

The application also helps with the correct completion of the summary for the self-employed

Following registration in My VZP, you can fill in the summary for the self-employed easily, because the application draws information directly from the VZP system (e.g. the sum of advances paid, insurance period) and loads it into the form being completed. The summary can also be filled in electronically on the VZP website, where the form contains check mechanisms and warns if any part is being completed incorrectly.

Businessmen who have filled in a Questionnaire on the Summary for the Self-Employed have said the form is clear and well-arranged when compared to the paper version. Another indisputable advantage is that there is no need to go anywhere to submit the Summary and it can be sent from the comfort of home from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone after entering the web address into the browser. Businessmen also appreciate the form that it is very intuitive, simple, and does not overwhelm the user with superfluous information.

To submit the Summary, you only need to be registered at My VZP. The interactive form completes all data that the insurance company has on record about a self-employed person. The client fills in data that the VZP does not know, most often just income and expenses for a given year. For businessmen, the form also calculates the premium and any premium overpayment or arrears.

After the form is sent off, an e-mail is sent to the businessman. This e-mail also includes a request with a link to complete a short questionnaire. Feedback is very important for VZP, and we will therefore continue with these questionnaires. The insurance company records all suggestions and proposals for improvement, which it will then process.