Final super-gross salary cancellation in the Czech Republic

Nov. 20, 2020 Czech Republic

Today the Chamber of Deputies approved the abolition of the super-gross salary, however the proposal has yet to be approved by the Senate and the President of the Czech Republic.

Newly, the income tax of 15 % for employees will be calculated of gross salary, not super-gross salary, as has been the case so far. This will reduce real salary taxation from 20.1% to 15%, resulting in significant savings. The solidarity tax will be replaced by a second increased tax rate of 23%, which will be applied to income higher than CZK 141,764 per month. The increased tax rate of 23% will be also applied, for example, to rental income, selected capital income and other income. The change in the income tax calculation should apply from 1.1.2021.

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Lucie Berglová
Head of Tax Team
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