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Jan. 6, 2022 Czech Republic

In our next continuation of the series on the digitization of state administration, let's look at the electronic version of the Czech Social Security Administration, namely the CSSA ePortal.

As we have already mentioned in the introduction to our series and always when analyzing individual digitized parts of the state administration, the basic element through which the CSSA ePortal can provide its services is login and user identification. Whether as a legal entity or a natural person, you have two basic options to login. Either using the login data to the data box or using eIdentity. Based on your login, the options and sections of the ePortal will open up for you, either for the insured or for the employer.

However, the possibilities of using the ePortal are similar for both categories. The clear goal of the ePortal, like any other part of the digitization of the state administration, is to facilitate and simplify communication with the authorities. This manifests itself on the CSSA ePortal in such a way that you have practically all CSSA forms that you can fill out online. There are several benefits to filling in online. Thanks to your initial identification at login, the ePortal can pre-fill the relevant fields of the given form from your data in the central registers and thus partially eliminate the possibility of an error. Another feature is the ability to save your work in progress and continue later where you left off, so you don't have to fill everything out at once. Another undoubted advantage is that the ePortal can check the form or document and mark the basic errors when filling it out. Of course, it will not reveal everything, but even so, it can prevent you from sending an incorrectly filled out document and thus save time in handling your matter. A natural addition is the possibility to send the form online via the ePortal. If you use the ePortal more often, it is likely that you will appreciate the fact that you can mark individual forms as favorites and thus better orient yourself in their list, which is quite extensive.

On the ePortal, you do not only have to fill in forms and therefore enter information into it, but also obtain information. Above all, as an insured person, you can view the data registered under your person in the CSSA databases. In addition to, for example, the display of the entity's indebtedness, I would mention the Information Pension Application. It is actually a pension calculator, so in addition to information on whether you are entitled to a retirement pension, when and its amount, it will clearly show you what the CSSA has registered for your pension. You can easily check whether the CSSA has an error or inaccuracy in your records and eliminate it now, and not at the time when you will deal with retirement. I highly recommend everyone to check everything. I myself found several errors or inaccuracies in my data, which significantly affect the amount of the calculated pension (e.g., missing period of university studies).

As such, the CSSA ePortal continues the established trend of speeding up and simplifying communication with state institutions and reducing the bureaucratic burden on individuals. With increasing functions and applications, it has the potential to become a truly welcome helper in the field of social security.

Jan Sedlář
Jan Sedlář Corporate Services Manager