ASB Slovakia: Ultimate Beneficial Owner

Jan. 11, 2019 Slovakia

By the legally binding and effective wording of the Act No. 530/2003 Coll. on Commercial register, as amended, the obligatory registration of Ultimate Beneficial Owner (hereinafter as “UBO”) of each legal entity is established.

The Act which came into effect from November 1st, 2018 requires the submission of the following information for each UBO: name, surname, birth date, gender, address of residence, nationality and type & number of identity document.

All legal entities registered in Commercial register prior October 31st, 2018 are obliged to provide and register the data required by the end of December 2019. The registration is exempt of any administrative fees.

Data about UBO registered in Commercial register will be not made public and will not be invisible in extracts from the Commercial register.

Each legal entity is obliged to identify and keep the actual records about each UBO electronically or in written form as well as archive the UBO information in for a minimum period of 5 years from the termination of the position of an individual person as an UBO.

In cases of non-compliance with the legislation or incomplete data, the relevant Register Court may levy a penalty of up to 3.310 €.

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