ASB is implementing DOCU-X (Document Management System) at selected clients

Oct. 5, 2020 Czech Republic

Digitalization and automation play significant roles in the tech-saturated world nowadays. ASB works on enhancing quality of services provided and constantly searches and uses an advanced technology to considerably simplify interaction as well as client processes.

The aim of using this technology is to create so called „paperless office“. ASB Czech Republic works with OCR system (Optical Character Recognition) which allows automatic data gathering and processing from scanned documents. An advantage is a recognition of any type of structured document and regular smart system learning, its electronic storage and access to the document anytime from anywhere from several devices by several users concurrently.

Using OCR increases accuracy rate and at the same time there is no loss during approval process. Following testing this technology on several projects ASB is gradually implementing complex solution for storage, management and work with electronic documentation and data messages at selected clients.
This DOCU-X DMS (Document Management System) amends and follows up the OCR. Its purpose is automation of some document approval processes without necessity of physical movement or sending via email communication. Utilization of this system results in considerably more effective and secure document management.

DOCU-X DMS main advantages are:

  • Effective document management and approval workflow
  • Complete overview of document status including history tracking
  • Access to document anytime from anywhere as well as from web interface
  • Possibility of separate approvals of invoices to be paid and invoices to be recorded
  • Databox integration and adjustable e-mail alerts
  • Document management in one place
  • Secure documents storage and authorized access
  • User friendly and high-speed document search (metadata)
  • Links between documents flow (access to related documents)
  • Accounting software integration
  • Automatic invoice scanning through Optical Character
DocuX flow.png

ASB´s intended achievement of gradual implementation of DOCU-X system at selected clients is higher comfort in the management and documents processing for all its users.

Detailed information about implementation of DOCU-X solution will be provided by our Process team: Andrea Jonáková and Martin Homola.