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Trust Services

The main aim of trust services is to markedly increase the efficiency of our clients’ non- core corporate processes, meaning they can allocate all their managerial capacities to the development and management of their core business. Trust management is a variable group of services for the management and administration of companies, or rather the outsourcing of corporate management.

Why do your clients prefer outsourcing of some processes to their handling by own employees?

Foreign managers focused on their companies’ core business, in particular, sometimes have a problem getting orientated in local legislation, communicating with the authorities, other business partners and providers of other services, or managing administrative processes. It is not always efficient for them to employ regular employees for processes that can easily be outsourced. A typical example is a business entity, commonly known as an SPV (a special purpose vehicle), which operates, for example, as a holding company, or a company that owns property. Such companies often do not have any employees, but it is nevertheless necessary to approve and pay invoices, communicate with auditors, accountants, the tax authority, etc. All such tasks can be handled by the ASB team of experienced trust managers, who our clients can contact at any time and who are a single point of contact for clients.

Is this service suitable only for the aforementioned SPVs or also for “live” companies with their own employees?

As an example I can give a multinational with dozens of IT developers. The internal managers only manage the core business, development team and key customers. Our managers and assistants handle communication with the landlord and financing bank, are responsible for the structure and correctness of costs, handle payments in co-operation with our accountant and payroll department, as well as accounting and HR matters and practically everything not related directly to core activities.

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Our trust management services include

  • Coordination and active support for projects
  • Assumption of responsibility for compliance with all valid statutory duties
  • Provision of statutory and supervisory bodies
  • Cooperation with other interested partners, suppliers and state administration bodies
  • Administrative support
  • Support when securing finance for investment projects
  • Legal compliance
Managing Partner
Petr Studnička

“In some countries companies do not have employees, but it is necessary to approve and pay invoices, communicate with auditors, accountants, the tax authority, etc.”