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Company Liquidation

I would expect that company liquidation is more a matter for lawyers, why choose you and what is ASB’s role in company liquidation?

Company liquidation is a set of legal, accounting, tax and managerial acts whose extent depends on the size of the company being liquidated and the work it did. It usually concerns performing several relatively standard legal acts, but most of the work concerns accounting and, shall we say, the managerial or project part of liquidation. It is necessary to take over the accounts, terminate all existing business relations, file the relevant tax returns, and communicate the end of activities with the bank and state administration bodies, such as the regional archive, tax authority and trade licence office. Provided the company was also an employer, deal with the social security office, labour office and health insurance companies. At ASB in the past we have successfully completed the liquidation of dozens of companies and built up unique know-how on how to conduct the whole process efficiently with minimal costs for the client.

What type of companies do you liquidate and how long does liquidation last?

We liquidate both “empty” and “unused” companies (which were, for example, established for a project that was not implemented, such company can be deleted from the Commercial Register within six months), as well as companies with a long history and hundreds of employees, (for example manufactory subsidiaries of multinational corporations that have decided to move manufacturing to other parts of the world. It can take two to three years to successfully complete the liquidation of such company).

ASB provides comprehensive services for company liquidation with a minimal administrative and managerial burden on the client

  • Providing company liquidator Comprehensive accounting and tax services related to company liquidation
  • Communication with state administration bodies and business partners
  • Document shredding or archiving in accordance with legislative requirements
  • Preparation of all general meetings and decisions of members or shareholders
  • Deletion of company from Commercial Register
Trust Manager
Anna Mandelíková

“In addition to a few standard legal acts most of the work concerns accounting and, shall we say, the managerial or project part of liquidation.”