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Nowadays a lot of clients still prefer having their own accounting team and keeping accounts internally. Why should they start considering outsourcing?

In practice outsourcing of accounting and financial services means that clients can immediately reduce their payroll costs and costs related to employees, reduce the number of internal processes, and transfer some risks to contractual partners while obtaining the same, or even better quality services. For a number of our international clients it is not effective to build an accounting team in each country. For players newly entering the outsourcing market it significantly shortens the time necessary to start up their business.

In what way are the solutions that ASB offers unique for a client?

We place great emphasis on our service being as user friendly as possible for a client. Every client has one contact person (communicating at least in English,) he can always contact with any request. Clients appreciate the fact that ASB offers a comprehensive service, because together with accounting we usually provide financial reporting, tax compliance and payroll services. Our colleagues work with almost all accounting applications (Helios, Pohoda, SAP, ABRA, CODA and many others), which significantly simplifies the process of taking over accounting. Thanks to our tried-and- tested control mechanisms, the client knows that the output it gets is always the product of quality work by our experts.

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The provision of accounting services includes

  • Setting of information and document flows between the client and us and integration into the client’s processes
  • Preparation and updating of the client’s internal company guidelines for accounting
  • Check on requisites of original documents (verification of formal correctness)
  • Generation of secondary documents based on information from the client or own activities/ calculations
  • Booking of documents and accounting ledgers maintenance (also in other languages)
  • Multi-level bookkeeping audits
  • Identification of problems and proposals for their solution with regard to efficiency and economy
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Archiving of accounting documents

In connection with accounting services we also provide the following

  • Preparation of tax returns and representation of client in dealings with revenue authorities
  • Preparation of reports in accordance with client’s requirements
  • Issuing of invoices
  • Payment processing
  • Arranging of external auditor’s services
  • Accounting advisory
  • Long-term outsourcing of chief accountant’s services
Head of Accounting Team
Jiří Holý

“We place great emphasis on the service being as user- friendly as possible, for example every client has one contact person it can always contact with any request.”